• Mara Radulovic

Created to Create 2017: Thank You 2017 Interviewees!


Thank you to all artists for boundless inspiration in 2017, especially to all artist friends who gave their time, attention, and point of view to others through Super Space interviews: Thomas Schuster, Uros Stojanovic, Beckie Klein, Martina Gordon, Andrew Hawkins, Milan Locic, Paola Coletto, Djordje Kukulijica, Liz Shipman, Mulitin Petrovic, Drew Richardson, Mladen Micunovic, Sarah Purcell, Janko Baljak, Aleksandra Miletic, Jelena Markovic, Meron Langser, Alzan Pelesic, Susan Dibble, Emma Wade, Rick Lambardo, and Laura Guillen.

The above artist interviews were published in 2017, but the following have not yet been published. We look forward to publishing in 2018. Thank you to Craig Mathers, Peter Tedeschi, Pat Carriere, Gillian MacKay, and Ana Alexander.

Thank you to our beloved Master teachers, incredible actors, performers, and theatre artists for giving their time and trust to be recorded in 2017:

- Ms. Joanna Merlin

- Ms. Fern Sloan

- Mr. Ted Pugh

- Mr. John McManus

We look forward to publishing these fascinating interviews in 2018 under a new series, "Masters."

Thank you to everyone in Open Project Group: Gretchen Egolf, Patrick Bailey, Anne Towns, Paul Gabbard, and Suzana Nikolic for their generous support and friendship. Thank you to the Micha creative community for continuous focus, generosity, and love for acting. Thank you to my beautiful family and friends for always being there for me.

Thank you to Emily Clark for your hard work in helping support Super Space efforts.

Remembering Director Uros Stojanovic, who left us too early in 2017 and who shared a point of view for empowering other artists, using Super Space as a platform to do so. May you rest in peace, Uros.

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year - may it bring you health, radiant energy, attention to beauty, love, ease and joy.