• Mara Radulovic

Week 13 | Artist 13 of Created to Create 2017 | Mladen Micunovic, Artist/Painter


I was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1956. Because of my father's diplomatic career I started traveling and living in different countries and continents at a very early age. I was only 16 days old when I went to live in Moscow, USSR. I was only 6 years old when I sailed the Atlantic Ocean from Genoa, Italy to New York harbor. I lived in Washington D.C. since 1962 to 1969. I went to elementary school in Washington DC, in Belgrade, Yugoslavia and in Moscow, USSR. I went to high school in Moscow, in USSR and in Belgrade-Yugoslavia. I graduated from the Belgrade Art Academy in 1980. Since then I have lived and painted in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (now Republic of Serbia), in Moscow-Russia, New York, Vienna-Austria, London, Budva-Montenegro. Since 2015 I am artist in residence in The Hague, Netherlands.


Where were you born? Where do you live/work?

Born May 3rd, 1956 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Currently living and working in Den Hague, Holland and Belgrade, Serbia.

What fuels your desire to act/create?

What fuels my desire to create is the desire to communicate with the world through painting. It started when I was 5 years old. Creativity is the result of a god given talent. Some people are sensitive to music, writing, acting or to visual art. The greater the sensitivity, the more appreciation you have for an art form, the more meaning and value you will assign to it in your life. Some individuals are more talented in receiving, enjoying works of Art (successful art consumers), not in creating art. The creative artist has an unstoppable need to show the world how he sees the cosmos through his unique inner filter, with the self conviction that his view of the things he experiences is important enough to show to the rest of the World. And the more talented the artist, the more important his work is for the rest of mankind. The more talented he is in being creative the more validity his efforts will have. It is all god given talent. Of course we work and practice and learn and develop the talent. But you must be a "natural". And that talent will "force" you to use it! To create. The talent you are given is the answer to the question: what is my mission in life? Can you imagine Pavarotti never "discovering" his singing ability? Or Leonardo never picking up a pencil to draw? or Hussein Bolt just walking, never running? Absolutely impossible! What fuels my desire to create is the unmistakable realization that I have something unique and important to say-visually and aesthetically.

How do you work with overcoming fear/doubt?

By not using my mind and rationalizing excessively. By letting a force greater than me work through me.

What is your greatest obstacle in working with self?


What are you inspired by NOW?

My next project.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Don't waste time!

Who has had a powerful influence on your work?

Many fantastic painters from different periods of Art history.

What is your next project or a recent project?

Working title: "Hidden in plain sight".

How do you reward yourself for a job well done?

By feeling good!

What are your hopes and dreams?

That I will get more work done this year!

What is your advice to self in pursuing the business side of work? Do you have advice for making/producing your own work?

Find a good art agent!

10 things that make you happy are…

Love and 9 other things : )


In 2017, SUPER SPACE is serving as a vehicle to facilitate Created to Create Project.





Beginning, January, 1st, 2017


ACTORS, ARTISTS, THEATRE MAKERS, FILM MAKERS, DESIGNERS, TEACHING ARTISTS, STUDENTS all chosen because they spend a part each day creating. Artists will be chosen in no particular order.


Introduce artists from different parts of the world. People who use different mediums and whose practice is at a different skill level. A thing they all have in common is unique sense of style and self-expression.