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Week 23 | Artist 23 of Created to Create 2017 | Laura Guillén, Voiceover/Radio Presenter


My name is Laura Guillén and, like Ana Obregón, I am an actress and a biologist. There are things I have chosen and others have not; in the second group I would be wrestling with music, my height or inability to wrap gifts and still look like gifts. I also have bad handwriting. As a child I thought that I would become blonde and that I would get glasses. I took a plane to Boston by vocation and another to Paris out of love, but I came back. Sometimes, just like her, I go out on the TV or on the radio and I bathe on the beach.

Where were you born and where do you live/work?

I was born and live in Madrid, Spain.

What fuels your desire to create?

To pry in all aspects of life.

Tell us about your connection to Michael Chekhov's work.

In RESAD, the School where I learnt Performing Arts. Then, I took a workshop in Boston with MICHA in 2011.

How do you work with overcoming fear/doubt?

I try to substitute these kind of “toxic thoughts” for healthier ones. For example, I realise that every actor in the world fears or doubt in his/her process sometimes. When I feel insecure, I think that is the essence of becoming an actor. Risk is mandatory. What is your greatest obstacle in working with self?

Fight against low self-esteem. This is the highest fence for me. How do you heal from rejection?

I try to think that there are variables in the equation that do not depend on me. I make the audition the best I know. Thinking about the present moment takes away the excess of responsibility.

What are you inspired by NOW?

I am inspired by the mystery of the word and the music through the radio.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Be flexible. You’re wonderful. Who has had a powerful influence on your work?

My mother. She’s the first person who reads what I wrote or listens my radio show. I love her intuition.

What is your next project or a recent project?

ULTRAMARINOS, my radio show. You can click here and enjoy!

Have you experience discrimination? How did it affect you?

Yes, I have. Sometimes because I’m a woman. Sometimes because I’m tall (and that’s rare for being Spaniard).

How did you claim your power back? How did this experience help you grow?

I try to transform that peculiarity into my personal seal: It’s not my fault, it’s what makes me unique. Moreover, this quote from Rafael Azcona, one of the best Spanish writers in cinema, works for me: “To begin with, we are all more or less poor, more or less paralytic and more or less stupid, because even Bill Gates wants to have more money and Einstein once wanted to make clear, once and for all, the mess of that Cosmos; You have to be definitely stupid to believe that one is perfect.”

How do you reward yourself for a job well done?

Good question! I don’t know. Sometimes I take the rest of the day as if it were a summer day: celebrate with myself or some friends. At other times, I cling to the project too much and the sadness invades me, as if I stepped down a step of energy. Sometimes there is no reward: I only get an impulse to follow in acting.

What are your hopes and dreams?

I wish the whole time of my day was creative. I would love not to have to work at something away from my profession, as it is today. I have a degree in Biology and my position does not reflect my training. I also dream of living in a house full of plants, music and affection.

What is your advice to self in pursuing the business side of work? Do you have advice for making/producing your own work?

Be less shy and more insistent. I would like to get more out of social networks. Stimulate the ego and not hide.

What advice do you have for auditioning?

“You do not have to do anything.”

10 things that make you happy are...

-Cats -Cheese with grapes -Stealing flowers from my office -Go to the radio studio and record my program every Friday afternoon -Drink margaritas or any type of celebration with Pilar, a friend of mine -Someone finds me new music -Kiss with lips painted red or pink -See my nephew, Marcos, dance - Eating with the hands - That someone says "the actress" and that is me


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