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Week 39 | Artist 39: Created to Create 2016 | Nikola Djuricko, Actor/Ensemble Member at Yugoslav Dra


Nikola Djuricko is a Serbian actor born July 09, 1974, in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. He studied acting at Faculty of Dramatic Arts and made his film and TV debuts in 1984. Since then he had been equally active on film, television and theatre and he has realized numerous distinctive roles in theatre and films. More recent work credits include: Legends (2015), The last panthers (2015), World War Z (2013), In the land of blood and honey (2011), for GK FILMS, PLAN B ENTERTAINMENT, FOX 21/ TNT.



Where were you born?

Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Where do you live/work?

I live in Belgrade, Serbia and I work wherever my job takes me.

What feeds your desire to create?

I am not sure I know the answer to this. I think I still feel excited/intrigued working on a role, and I am getting paid for my work.

How did your training at The Belgrade Academy of Dramatic Arts positively impact your professional career and development?

Academy of Dramatic Arts truly gave me an opportunity to devote myself to studying acting. I have both positive and negative impressions about my experience. I feel I was lucky to receive a broad education and training as well as the opportunity to intensely explore the acting craft for four years.

I feel that there could be much more individual work that applies to each student/actor.

Who are your strongest creative influences?

It is not easy for me to pick one specific person since as a young actor, and overall as a young person, I was always striving to learn something from everyone. One can learn much, even from bad experiences. To paraphrase David Bowie, who said something in the line of - as soon as he sees something in another that he likes, he automatically builds it in himself and that becomes a part of him.

If I have to choose one person it would be director Slobodan Unkovski, Macedonian Theatre Director. Unkovski gave me confidence early on in my work, and always reminded me that theatre is before all else play and joy; naturally it involves some analysis and hard work, but before all, there must be a desire to play.

What is the most inspiring part of the process for you?

It is hard to pinpoint a moment in any process. To understand creative process, one can try to see it as a whole. The first part of the process could be reading the play, following this comes table work, daily work through play/reading, and rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals. Then, suddenly, just before I go to sleep, just before I float into the dream world, my role and the whole play open up to me and all including a style of this play becomes clear to me. Sometimes, this feeling/insight happens during the rehearsal, sometimes it slowly develops like a puzzle gradually (sometimes even elements of this puzzle develop after the opening night; sometimes only after the 50th show). This process feels to me very much like taming a wild horse. We need understanding, practice, good fortune, patience, but also timing is vitally important.

Describe one fantastic workday:

Shooting all day, then performing in a show at night.

The best thing about being an actor is...

The best thing is at the same time the worst thing. All the work must always be done from the very beginning - we start all over again every time. One has to start humble from the very beginning every time. Every role must be made, every show must be performed, every line must be delivered and received by the audience, every movie must be made, and in each take, one must strive to be the best one can be.

This element makes acting as a profession very stressful, but at the same time it makes it vital and alive since you may not rest in your past achievements - ever. It feels a bit like making sand castles. You create this beautiful castle and audience receives it with applause, then the night comes, and the waves appear, they wash it all flat and make it all disappear.

The biggest obstacle in working with self is…

Attempting to use old, easy solutions (old bag of tricks on a new role), which can happen out of laziness and self-doubt.

I fear…

I am not feeling afraid anymore. I used to feel a lot of fear. Fear that I would not be able to practice/explore enough or visualize and create all what is needed for a certain role to be created; I used to feel panic that I would finally discover my own limitation and my own incapacity. With time, I gained trust in life and I understood that all is well in the end, and things get where they need to get. Fear is an essential part of the process, but it is an element that passes quickly.

What are your creative hopes and dreams?

Acting is a profession that feels out of one’s control to do something most of the time. Our director, producer or someone out there is the one choosing an actor for a role. As a younger actor, I was often disappointed that some roles I was not chosen to play. This feeling took away a lot of energy and used to make me feel sad. At some point in my life, I made a decision to stop this pattern. At this moment, I am fortunate enough to be able to decide what projects would I like to do as an actor, learning to do this and to know what I want as an artist is something important for me to learn. This opportunity is a new experience for me; I am giving myself time for my most intimate creative wishes to be heard and to develop.

Describe a ritual you might have which helps you improve your work or concentration?

Life is the best ritual there is. Observing life and participating in it. Reading, exercising, practicing, and playing also help.

How do you reward self for a job well done?

The best reward is a job well done. The sense of true joy that I feel while performance is going well is a reward. I also celebrate with drinks with our cast members after a successful opening night.


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