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  • Mara Radulovic

Week 52 | Artist 52: Created to Create 2016 | Jackie Loeb, Comedian/Actor/Musician


Winner of the prestigious 2016 Australian MO Award for ‘Best Live Comedy Act,’ Jackie Loeb has maintained her reputation as one of today’s most hilarious and multi-talented Stand-Up Comedians while simultaneously distinguishing herself as Actor, Vocalist, Musician, and Writer.

Jackie is the only Australian comedian to be invited to perform at the famed Aspen Comedy Festival, the Dinah Shore Festival in Palm Springs and Women’s Week in Provincetown, USA. Jackie was also nominated for Best Comedy Show at ‘The Hollywood Fringe Festival’.

Jackie has wowed audiences at Comedy Festivals across Australia and around the world including numerous solo comedy shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, The Sydney Comedy Festival, The TV1 New Zealand International Comedy Festival, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The Hollywood Fringe Festival and The Vodacom International Comedy Festival in South Africa where Jackie was labeled “The pick of the crop”.

Jackie has performed one woman cabaret shows at New York City’s ‘Don’t Tell Mama’ and stand up at ‘Joe’s Pub’ as well as a sell out season at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Jackie has independently released two music CD’s, ‘Limited Social Skills’ and ‘I Really Am Lovely!’

Jackie was a Series Regular and Writer on the award winning Television Series ‘Full Frontal’ and has made guest appearances on Good News Week, Spicks and Specks, The Today Show and Beauty and the Beast to name but a few!

Jackie Loeb is a respected Comedian and MC for Corporate Functions, Events and has performed for IBM, The NSW Police Force, Finite Recruitment, BHP, Multiplex, Westfield, The Sydney Lord Mayor, Weight Watchers, Kids Help Line and Comedy For Cancer.

“Comedienne Jackie Loeb fires off smart one-liners at a breakneck pace.” - LA WEEKLY

“Completely in your face funny! ” - SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

Where were you born? Sydney, Australia

Where do you live/work? Australia and Los Angeles.

What fuels your desire to act/create?

To make sure my menacing little voice doesn’t go unheard. It’s so easy to become completely invisible, so by offering a story, a song or even an interpretive dance, I am contributing to the creative landfill or landscape which ever you prefer to call it. But, my reasons to create are forever changing. Sometimes, it’s attention driven, sometimes it’s soul driven and to be brutally honest, sometimes it’s financially driven. I am convinced the world wants my ideas, even if the world decides to re-gift them.

The best thing about being an artist is...

Travelling to new places and rediscovering old places. Last month, being an artist took me to Surfer’s Paradise! I stayed at a fancy hotel, walked along the magnificent beach and sipped on a two-dollar coffee while reminiscing about family holidays. Traveling to regional areas are often amazing experiences. There is always sometime interesting to unearth (or pretend you didn’t see). The audiences are usually very warm and appreciative that new blood has made the effort to come to their neck of the woods.

The biggest obstacle in working with self is?

My standards are sometimes way too high and I put an enormous amount of pressure on myself, thus robbing myself of the joy of actually creating. At the other end of the spectrum, I am also only truly accountable to myself, so sometimes quality control can easily be neglected.

What advice you would give self at the very beginning of your training and professional career? Talk to the other performers more - they will become your friends, future collaborators, and employers. Network, you silly young woman! No, not by putting yourself down! Let people know you have the potential and desire to be ****ing great! No….don’t walk away from the comedy festival producer you were just introduced to! Stop being so stupidly shy and insecure. People are too self involved to even notice your shortcomings. Oh, and stop crying after bad gigs. Just go home and eat a packet of chips. Are there any strategies/rituals you created to help self in times when working feels difficult, when you feel stuck? Would you describe what works for you?

Meditation, prayer and gratitude do not work for me. I need to run away from myself, not remind myself that inside myself is just myself. If I can avoid the usual pitfalls of going out to buy copious amounts of chocolate, diversional vacuum cleaning or losing myself in the vortex that is Facebook, I usually start on a yet another new and shiny project or start working on an older project I have forgotten about. Creative paralysis and lack of motivation can be a problem when you have no deadlines to work towards or no guarantee of an actual job. So my advice is to just ‘be’ and let things happen organically. Which is strangely in the shower or in the car.

Talk about a piece of work, you experienced recently that moved you and how it found its place in your work? I recently attended the ‘Nude’ exhibition at the NSW Art Gallery. Many of the nude artifacts made me giggle or blush. It reminded me of how juvenile I can be. But that’s okay. A youthful perspective and reaction is not a bad thing and I will try to inject my work with more youthful embarrassment and bravado.

What other art form do you connect to? How does this craft/discipline help you in your work?

I have always written comedy, be it stand- up, sketch or short films, but in these last few years I have really embraced writing in its long form. The term ‘writer’ feels so much more impressive and sophisticated than ‘comedian’. Writing doesn’t involve putting on make up or a bra. I love the convenience and immediacy of writing. The discipline and constant refining and re-tweaking of writing a scene for a screenplay or a comedy series has helped me to be more specific and concise when writing stand up material.

Describe a productive day at work. Starting the day with the enthusiasm to create something new or complete something old. Looking at the clock and seeing it’s only nine am and that I have already written two sentences and I am no longer in bed is a wonderful productive feeling.

Hopes and dreams?

I love this question as I am very attracted to the word ‘hope.' I’m all for it and a big believer in it. I recently completed writing a first draft of a comedy pilot that I am absolutely in love with. Maybe it’s not perfectly written, but I love the concept and the development of the characters. My dream is to get the series made and to play the lead character. Yes, yes, maybe I’ll compose the theme song too! I want to have more creative power and control. Being an independent freelance artist/performer can be terrifying. So creating a successful series will bring me security and fulfillment, and when that happens it will bring me joy in being able to share the abundance.


In 2016, SUPER SPACE is serving as a vehicle to facilitate Created to Create Project.





Beginning, January, 1st, 2016


ACTORS, ARTISTS, THEATRE MAKERS, FILM MAKERS, DESIGNERS, TEACHING ARTISTS, STUDENTS all chosen because they spend a part each day creating. Artists will be chosen in no particular order.


Introduce artists from different parts of the world. People who use different mediums and whose practice is at a different skill level. A thing they all have in common is unique sense of style and self-expression.

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