Week 6 | Artist 6 of Created to Create 2017 | Milan Locic, Professional Ballroom Dancer/Performer


I started ballroom dance when I was 6 years old and was competitive dancer over 15 years. After many years being a professional competitor, I needed a new professional desire and decided to move to Japan and work as a performer in Huis Ten Bosch theme park. When my professional contract in Japan ended, I decided to develop and explore stage performance. I started work for Royal Caribbean Cruise line company as a featured ballroom dancer. At that time, I made decision to move to U.S. Today, I am working as a dance teacher in Boston. In addition, I am also rehearsing a theater show that will premiere in June 2017.

I have Master of Science-Economy, Belgrade.

Where were you born / where do you live and work?

I was born in capital city of Serbia, Belgrade. I’m currently living and working in Boston.

What fuels your desire to create?

Dance and music beats have a powerful relationship. I love listening and discovering different kinds of music. Inspiration and desire to create is usually comes with the moment when I hear powerful song with the interesting beat and/or lyrics. It creates images and stories in my mind, which I translate into the moves. Dancing is a big part of my life where I am exploring myself as a person. I like to play with the situations, stories, music, etc. I love that freedom and creativity.

What is greatest obstacle in working with yourself?

I create slowly and think in great detail about every step in choreography. Taking time and giving lots of attention to a project is a good thing and my preference in approaching work. What feels challenging at times is that this approach can open up a way for many more ideas during rehearsal process, which I am then not able to incorporate into original piece, in time to deliver work.

How do you heal from rejection?

When I was younger, the healing process was really painful and long. I took rejection very personally. It took me a long time to learn that people in the audience might have different tastes and preferences and that that is OK. I accepted that some people will connect and like my dancing/work and others might be inspired more by other artists. I accept this now. I accept honest feedback even when critical from a person who I know has my best interests at heart. I respect and trust in who I look up to in my work. I am taking constructive and positive criticism with an open heart. For me, receiving this kind of feedback is important so I can still grow and learn. People rejecting others to show their power without any constructive comment, I just ignore because I have learned that they are usually not professionals and their intentions are not coming from a good place.

What are you inspired by now?

Music, life situations, receiving well-intentioned advice from people I like/meet - those individuals whose work/practice is more successful and experienced than my own.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Read the signals coming from others while you are on your way, take them in, and do not force things. Try to relax and breathe, everything would be well, just how you would like it to be. Stressing out is useless.

What is your next project?

A theater show which I am working on as a dancer. The project is very interesting to me and different to what I have worked on so far, as the story is based on a fairy tale. The project is both creative and challenging - exactly how I like my work to be.

How do you reward yourself for a job well done?

I like to stay in in bed longer than usual and relax with a cup of coffee. After that, I like to go on Charles River, sit next to the water and enjoy the silence.

What are your hopes and dreams?

My hope is to have enough time in the future to do all what I have planned - to finish a book which I have started writing 3 years ago, to continue being inspired to create new choreographies, to stay healthy so I can dance as long as possible, to develop skills in other creative disciplines other than dance, to keep dancing and discover/explore new interests, and create possibilities within my my creative and personal self.

10 things that make you happy are…

Music, good movies, books, swimming, shopping, bike riding, meeting friends for dinner, plants, animals, and good coffee.


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